don’t blame me for things that aren’t my fault???

especially when I’m helping you and investing a hell of a lot of time in something that doesn’t even directly effect me????


A playlist of songs covered by the Mad T Party band in DCA
o b l i v i o n

I need feminism because
there are still people who spit it out
as if those who claim they are one
are worse than murderers or rapists or abusers. 

supposedly women cannot lead
because their bodies and emotions render them incapable,
yet men, who are unable to control themselves
from the distraction of female legs, are put into positions of power

there are men who grab and grope
my waist, my ass, my body without my consent
yet the moment I call them out on it, 
am at fault for “leading them on”

I am not yet twenty years old but I already know
three friends who have been raped or sexually assaulted
and one who killed herself because of it 
and myself. 

I need feminism because
this nation was founded on equality
but the way it treats its citizens
is anything but. 


how i adore postcards